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Architects Southwest
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Architects Southwest was founded in 1980 on the premise that our lives are impacted significantly by the places we live. The initial work focused on the single building. Very early on, it became apparent to the studio that architecture is as much about the assemblage of buildings as it is about the building itself. Beginning in 1984, in addition to architecture, the firm began to expand it’s study into the development of community. First with the creation of small enclaves focused on single uses.

In 1990, the creation of the first "Traditional Neighborhood Development" for Louisiana lead by Steve Oubre (architect and town planner with Architects Southwest), through an association with DPZ, formed the focus of the next decade's body of work.  It was through this association that ASW was thrust into seeing the world very differently. Beginning with the village as inclusive, businesses, small and large houses, and offices all within a five minute walking distance of each neighborhood. The young and old growing and sharing their daily lives within a stone’s throw of one another. Coded to happen naturally, by assignment of varying building types within block configurations including variations on outbuildings for granny-flats, apartments, or office studios - all serving to address that need. A hierarchy of interconnecting street designs, which considers first how the human eye perceives it and only, then, how the automobile traverses it. Public parks within a three minute radius of every residence and a landscaping code which realizes that we will not all sit in the shade from the trees we plant, but that the tree will contribute to a long term vision for our grandchildren and their grandchildren. Lastly, the conversation of natural features such as the flow of the water and use of natural flood basins which served the site before we arrived, allowing us to maintain the natural landscape and minimize the effect on our neighboring property owners.
The Architects Southwest Town Planning Team leaves no stone unturned in its endeavor to revitalize those attributes which make the “places” we call wonderful, possible to create again. While not new, all of these re-invented principles serve as the backbone of the design for a New Urbanist Town.

From the onset, the notion of a village conjured thoughts of family, community, safety, and gracefulness. To sustain this ideal, the conceptual conviction is to build on the issues of a long-term social and ecological doctrine. “A better way does not always mean a new way”. Historical reference reveals our triumphs as well as our oversights. While we have learned so many things from our ancestors, we have so much to teach to our heirs.



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